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Alexandria Recreation Education Program (AREP Millage)
Alexandria Recreation & Education Program - April 2014 (PDF)
- AREP Policy (PDF)
Alexandria Recreation Planning Report (PDF) 
- Proposed Community Services Reorganization (PDF) 
- AREP Millage (PDF)

Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC)
- all information currently located on CoA web under,

Vehicle and Traffic
Letter to the Editor (PDF)
Bid #1936 Vehicle Bid - Hixson Autoplex Bid (PDF)
CoA Ordinance 385-2008 (Trolley Buses) (PDF)
- Policy Vehicle COO Clarification 2008 (PDF)
- Policy Vehicle Use and Security 2007 (PDF)
Roundabout Cenla (PDF)


Repair and Recertification of Alexandria Area Levees
Repair and Recertification of Alexandria Area Levee’s (PDF)
Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (BW12) Timeline (PDF)
H. R. 3370 (delay of Biggert-Waters Act (PDF)
General Overview of Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2012 (PDF)
Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 FAQ (PDF)

Downtown Hotels Initiative (DHI)
DHI Report Appendix 1 (PDF)
- DHI - Exec Summary July-August 2011 (PDF)
- DHI and pre-DHI Expenses Appendix 2-Attachments (PDF

Electric Utility Assistance
Electric Utility Assistance Policy (PDF)

Purchasing and Procedures
Purchasing Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Hodges Stock Yard
City Council - Hodges Stock Yard Report

Rapides Parish Coliseum
Notice of Request for Information for Purposes of Public Partnering - Rapides Parish Coliseum

Human Resources
December 2006 - 2013 Highlights (PDF)

Bringhurst Field
Bringhurst Field Photo Tour (PDF)
Lose & Associates (PDF)
RFQ - Bringhurst Ballfield November 2012 (PDF)

Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center
Proposed Term Sheet for Management of Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center (PDF)